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Victor Community Baseball Skills Chart


In an effort to provide a more consistent and comprehensive message to our Players and Coaches, the VCBS has developed a Skills Chart that identifies the key Baseball skills, and the age they should be introduced to young players.    The chart was developed with input from our coaches and local high school and college coaches. The goal of this Chart is to:


  • introduce skills at an age when the player will be able to understand the skills they are being taught.
  • have the underlying, more fundamental skills in place to allow them to pursue new skills correctly.
  • expose the player to all fundamentals and avoiding missing key skills due to coaching styles and coverage
  • provide the coaches with a roadmap that will help them focus their practices.

The chart is not intended to restrict the skills that coaches teach.  We do ask that they focus on the skills that have been identified for their age level at every practice, and reinforce the skills that were taught at the lower levels.  The Coaches Clinics that are held at the beginning of each Spring Season discuss the skills that should be taught at each age level and provide examples of drills that can be used during the season.




VCBS Skill Focus by League

 League Skill Focus


 Throwing: Gripping the Baseball

 Hitting: Batting Grip and Where to Stand in the Batters Box
 Fielding: Glove Positions and Watching the Ball

 Base Running: Run thru First Base & Stopping at 2nd, 3rd & Home


 National &



 Throwing: Proper Throwing Motion and Crow Hop

 Hitting: Batting Stance and Watching the Ball

 Fielding: Thinking Before the Ball is Hit, Calling for the Ball, Backing Up, Cut-Offs to Second Base

 Base Running: Running the Bases
 Catcher: Glove Positions and Stance

 Teamwork: Supporting your Teammates, Staying Alert and Hustling




 Pitching: Grip, Pitching Mechanics and Follow Through

 Hitting: The Swing, Strike Zone and Avoiding Being Hit
 Fielding: Playing Outfield
 Fielding: Playing Infield
 Fielding: Calling Outs, Plays, Relays and Where to Throw
 Base Running: When to Run and Taking Extra Bases
 Base Running: Rundowns, Signs and Stealing

 Teamwork: Handling Failure (Strike Outs, Errors and Losing)




 Pitching: Pitch Counts, Change-Ups and Covering First

 Hitting: Pitch Count, Bunting, Hitting the Ball Where it's Pitched
 Fielding: Rundowns, Infield In and Bunt Defenses
 Fielding: Double Plays, Underhand Toss, Covering Steals and Cut-Offs
 Catcher: Blocking Balls, Throwing to Bases, Pitch Count and Framing