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2021 8U VLL Fall Ball Rules


  • Each game will be 5 innings long. There will be a 5-run limit during the first four innings, with unlimited runs allowed in the 5th inning 
  • Coaches cannot interfere with the play of game. Please coach your teams from the backstop, or anywhere up and down the foul lines. 
  • Base runners are strongly encouraged to slide when there is a close play at any base. 
  • Only USA-labeled bats are permitted (no USSSA)
  • Players should all play at least one inning in the infield, unless there is a safety concern communicated with the parents/player. 
  • During the first four games, batters will receive 5 pitches off of the machine. If they do not hit the baseball, they will be allowed a chance to hit the ball off of a T (or coach pitch if no T available), and no out will be recorded. 
  • During the last four games, batters will receive 5 pitches off of the machine or 3 strikes, whichever comes first, and a strike out will be recorded.
  • Machine speed will be set slower, at speed 3, to encourage offensive production and defensive play opportunities. The other two machine adjustment settings should both be set at "4"
  • If a batted ball hits the pitching machine/coach, it is a dead ball, and the batter's count will reset.
  • Players may advance only to the base they are heading to, or retreat to the base they are coming from if vacant, when an infielder controls the ball. Coaches may agree before the game to utilize mid-base lines as markers for base runner advancement. 
  • No leading/stealing

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