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by posted 07/02/2020

Hello all, coaches and board members met last night and it sounds like we are going to get this season rolling.  The national league is currently scheduled to have all practices and games take place at Victor Firemans field (across from St. Patricks church) on temporary fields.  There are currently no restrooms or water so please plan accordingly.  

Much of the discussion was based around Covid precautions, we will have to have a parent/coach responsible for wiping down and disinfecting equipment at practices and games.  The league will be providing some cleaning materials, I think it is a wise idea to have all players ready with their own hand sanitizer, cleaning breaks will be done with drink breaks.  It is recommended that all players use their own equipment (glove, helmet and bat) also, there will be no catchers this year due to equipment sharing concerns.  The goal is to have players touch only their own equipment at practices and games, the less we share, the less we clean and the less chance there is of contact.  I would recommend own helmet and glove as a priority, a bat can be more easily cleaned and shared.

Families are limited to a two spectactor maximum, this is within reason, the league understands some families will have to bring siblings or other family memebers due to supervisory issues.  Large groups of extended family are not permitted at this point in time.  There will be no "bench" areas, players who are getting ready to hit will be "on deck" and "in the hole", while the rest of the players will be with a family member as we socially distance.  There is also an expectation that there will not be any team snacks or shared food items at this time.

Players should have a mask or covering, when on defense they will not be worn (as the players will be spread out), we may have to throw them on when on offense at some points or during instruction when we are closer together.  Our goal is to stay distanced but there will be times when we cannot.  My goal is to also use time efficiently, I don't imagine us going beyond an hour for any practice, also decreasing contact time.

Uniforms are running behind, sponsors are being printed on them this week and should be ready (hopefully) by our first game.

We are looking forward to having some assembly of a baseball season, obviously it will look very different this year as we attempt to navigate the health and safety parameters.  Initial practice and game have been posted on our scheudule, take a look at those, allegedly our practice time and day of the week remain consistent.  Also, the scheduler stated we should have Saturday games, although our first one is on a Sunday so keep an eye on that.




Tim, Jill and Conner


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